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For a Neater, Cleaner
Bath & Shower

A product so ingenious

it saves both time and money,
while making your home
healthier, safer and more attractive.

                        Don't get caught with your pants down!
Acrylic construction

Easily assembled and attached with no tools!
Works on most existing tissue holders, flush, recessed and free standing
Fits any décor
Can work with single or double size tissue rolls
Use for home, apartment, cottage or RV            

The DRYBAR® Soap Holder works simply... 

               By Keeping Baths Neater and Cleaner ... While Conserving Soap.
        By Reducing the Growth of Bacteria on Soap Bars.
        By Making the Bath or Shower Area a Safer Environment.

There are numerous other handy applications for The DRYBAR® Soap Holder.
Once you see how effective The DRYBAR
® Soap Holder is for holding soap,
you can then explore its other uses. The possibilities are endless...

The DRYBAR® Soap Holder

We Found Additional Applications For The DryBar® Everywhere !
Razors ( Especially in the Shower ) Soap in the Laundry Tub Cellular Phones
Sponges Scrub Pads and Brushes Remote Control Devices
Nail Brushes Towels Tools
Bath Brushes / Body Scrubbers Tubes of Shampoo and Toothpaste Handy in RVs, Trailers, Yachts, etc.

The DRYBAR® Soap Holder's high quality in design & manufacturing ensures that ourrecycle1.gif (2624 bytes) attractive product is also durable and environmentally friendly, with a reliable bond to almost any clean surface.

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